Multimedia Journalism – How does convergence impact journalism?

The readings for this week largely confirmed what I’d already considered in my potential career in journalism – that, due to convergence, journalists are expected more and more to be able to multitask and deliver several different kinds of content.

Because of the massive potential target audience afforded by the online platform, contrasted with the shrinking popularity of print journalism, journalists are being pushed towards delivering content that takes advantage of the internet’s potential – video content being the major example.

In preparation for this, I’ve been practicing editing video content myself, even creating a YouTube channel for publishing reviews and editorial pieces:

What I found interesting were the assertions within the week’s readings that the move to online video content is not helping – Angela Philips, in her lecture titled The future of journalism, claims that “there is no evidence that video improves profits or renders journalism more sustainable”. In fact, with video content being far more expensive to produce, she argues that this approach renders journalism much harder to sustain.

Philips paints a bleak picture of the future for the current model of ad-supported online journalism. In light of this, I may well reconsider my own career trajectory.

-Jesse (@FunPunditry)


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