Multimedia Journalism: Are we all journalists?

[This part of a Multimedia Journalism assignment – It’s got a tight word limit, so bear that in mind]

For part of this week’s study, we were asked to watch a couple of videos. The question we were posed was “Are we all journalists today?”

We were given a short definition of citizen journalism by Jay Rosen:

Rosen’s aside of “the people” being “formerly known as the audience” implies that we are no longer merely consumers but producers. By and large, I agree – being fresh off my first serious attempt to produce video content, I consider the barrier to entry to be lower than over.

It’s true that most people in the western world make use of social media to “inform one another” – the value of that information is to be called into question, but one could say the exact same thing about the content of most newspapers and programmes.

Brian Conley’s TEDx talk provides an interesting perspective on the progress of citizen journalism in third-world countries. He makes the point that while such progress is of huge value, in peaceful times “most people don’t want to be journalists” and they just go back to everyday life.

Our western culture of interconnectivity should be considered when we think of our own everyday lives – with social networks, we’re making citizen journalism a matter of habit.

-Jesse (@BackBlogGuy)


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