Down Under

After what seems to me like an eternity but what was in fact just under a week, I have received the results of my study abroad interview.

I’ve mentioned before that I was applying to go study in Canada for a year. Well, I’m going…

To Australia! Which is not Canada at all! It’s like Nega-Canada! Canadopposite! Canadanti?| Still, it was my second choice. I’ll be heading over to Deakin University on I-don’t-precisely-know-when. Whatever the start of the Australian school year is.

In fact, I don’t actually know a lot of the details yet. I’m not even sure if I’m paying for my own flight. Probably? I’m not particularly looking forward to that. From my quick browse, the ticket prices were hovering much closer to the £1000 mark than I’m overall comfortable with. What am I going to do at Christmas? Hmm. Being a poor student sucks sometimes.

The reason I’m still relatively in the dark on the matter is that my offer is technically conditional. The conditions are, essentially, that I pass the current school year (easy), and that I don’t get a single unauthorised absence (slightly more difficult). I’ve really, really got to make sure I don’t sleep in. Through some miracle, I managed a perfect record last semester, and yet for some reason I’m still down as absent from some lectures. Hopefully nothing like that happens again, because I’m really looking forward to this!

-Jesse (@Backblogguy)


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