Getting Outta Here!

I’ve had quite the hectic week, and not only because of the deadlines for two assignments. Another kind of deadline is approaching, and missing this one is not an option. Well, not that missing the other deadlines is an option, but even less so for this. Next week Friday is the deadline for applications for the Study Abroad programme.

As I type this, I’m on the bus into university. I don’t have any lectures or anything today, I’m just going in to see a short presentation on Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada. Being on a bit of a tight budget (hence the bus, which takes three times longer than the train but is slightly cheaper), it has to be a pretty big deal for me to do this.

As long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to live outside the UK. It’s not that I don’t like it here, but I’ve just never felt like I wanted to stay here all my life. Greener grass, other side, sure, maybe. Even if that is the case, though, what better way to find out than by being an exchange student for a year?

Right now – and this is very unlikely to change – I’m applying for three Universities. One, the aforementioned Dalhousie University, is in Canada, and the other two are in Australia. I have to be able to speak the language pretty well, after all, if I want to pursue a career based on my writing skill!

So what’s my endgame here, if I’m only going abroad for a year? Well, I wouldn’t be a promising journalist if I couldn’t make contacts. I’m going to go abroad, work my butt off and pave the way for a future, non-British career.

I’m doing it. I’m MAKING IT HAPPEN.

-Jesse (@Backblogguy)


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