Merry December!

It is officially the time that I deem acceptable to start talking about Christmas. You have my permission, and you’re welcome. I know, I know, my generosity know no bounds.

Although I love to complain about the shops putting out the holiday displays early, I do indeed love this time of year. For one thing, here in the UK it gets dark much sooner, and I love a relaxing walk in the dark. I’d much rather be too cold than too hot, so the only complaints I have about the weather are when the sun rears its unwelcome head. Man, the sun gets plenty of time to make me uncomfortable in the Summer. Is that not enough?

Anyway, yes, Christmas is approaching, and I’m a big fan of those little traditions we have for the leadup. Yesterday I browsed the local shopping precinct and found alarmingly few choices for this year’s advent calendar. You know what I decided to go with?

20141203_085529YUP. I’m now officially the biggest One Direction fan that doesn’t listen to their songs, or really know anything about them. I think one of them’s called Liam. That one guy has big hair. Ask me anything about One Direction.

20141203_085334Another important part of my Christmas preparation is the tree. Mine has only two out of three of the legs it needs to stand up properly, but I can make do. I genuinely find that setting up and decorating the tree gets me into that Christmas spirit, and even moreso when I get to do it with my family. Or rather, whichever portion of the family I end up with on that particular year. I could go on about that aspect, but I think I’ll save it for a bit later on in the month.

Another thing I’ll certainly spending a good deal of time on is my Games of the Year. I love making lists of thing that I love, and Christmas time, what with being also the end of the year, is perfect for that. I’ll likely be doing a few different sorts of list, but since I haven’t played THAT many games this year, I’ll have to see how much I can actually come up with. I should also be participating in a podcast on the matter, so, well… look forward to that! I know I am!



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