Another week gone by

You may have noticed a distinct lack of posts this week. No nerdy rants, no dissecting Sword Art Online, no random unannounced features, no announcements for features that don’t end up happening for months and end. Yeah, I’ve been busy, no big announcements or surpises there. I had a big assignment to finish. Also I needed to make sure I’m going to actual University this school year,studying Journalism and Media, and that I won’t be penniless while doing so.

Now I’m mostly in the clear, so expect daily posts. Uh, for a week. The following week I’ll be doing something called FSY. You could say it’s my church’s equivalent of a summer camp, although that’s oversimplifying it a little. I’ll be a counsellor, responsible for looking after a group of ten-or-so teenage young men. I’m a bit nervous about taking such a task on, but in the past couple of years I’ve learned that, sometimes, you’ve got to put yourself in these positions in order to grow.

That does mean that I’ll be completely engaged from the 8th to the 15th of August. And then I’ve got ANOTHER assignment due on the 22nd. Thankfully it’s the second-to-last in the course, but then I’ll have actual University to worry about. In fact, there will probably be some overlap.Basically what I’m saying is don’t expect too many big random features for the next month or so. I know, it’s heartbreaking. I’ll still be making posts, but nothing too grand. And yes, probably some more episodes of Let’s Watch Sword Art Online. There may even be a Homestuck-related , and some experimentation with video content. Take that with a grain of salt, since I mentioned it here and that usually means at least a 2-month delay.

You know what though? Let’s just ride it out and see where this goes. I really enjoy writing this stuff, when I’m not being drained by the Sword Art Online responsibility I’ve inexplicably taken on. But even that is good practice. It’s the perfect grindstone for me to sharpen my snark. And what on earth would any good journalist do without some sharp snark?

-Jesse (@BackBlogGuy)


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