Some thoughts: X-Men: Days of Future Past

Last night I watched X-Men: Days of Future Past at the cinema. Time travel certainly does seem to be a recurring theme for me lately, so I figured I might as well keep the ball rolling and share a couple of thoughts. Not a review, jsut thoughts. If you want a review, here it is. Hey, do you like X-Men? Did you drop off after X-Men 3? First off, watch First Class. Then watch this. Whatever you may think of the movie itself (As far as I stand, it’s maybe an 8/10), it undoes X-men 3. DONE.

Great movie. Silly outfits.
Great movie. Silly outfits.

Alright, thoughts. It’s funny that while I greatly enjoyed First Class, I had no inkling of the sequel’s existence until last week. ‘Sequel’ is probably not the best term, but it’s all I’ve got. Rather than simply following up First Class, Days of Future Past ties in all of the previous x-men films. Or rather discards them, which is probably for the best at this point. X-Men 3 was not only a bad movie, it was poison to a franchise that had previously been doing so well. X-men Origins just dug the hole deeper.

When First Class came out, it was prequel that felt like a bit of a do-over. It discarded bits and pieces of continuity that might get in the way of a new story. Days of Future Past takes that to the next level. It’s the equivalent of a stumped writer swiping all of his previous work off the desk and starting anew with a single sheet of paper. Future Past’s director, Bryan Singer, also directed the first two X-Men movies, so perhaps a more apt analogy would be a writer returning to his desk to find his work defaced by fanfiction. Upon finding out to his horror that this fanfiction was distributed, he starts writing a new story that time-travels all the previous stuff out of existence. It’s the only way to be sure.

I do hope we see more of the younger timeline. Mostly so we can see more of non-mopey young Xavier.

Future Past even goes back on a lot of things that First Class did. ‘Oh, Xavier started the school? It shut down after one term. He’s already wheelchair-bound? Not with this serum he’s not. And what’s this about a new team of mutants? No clue what you’re talking about, there were only ever Xavier, Magneto, Mystique and Beast. You still going to press the issue? FINE. The others died offscreen. Happy now?’ Yeah, the rewrite concept might have been taken a bit far.

Oh, I guess I should mention what I thought of the movie itself. I think I actually appreciate what the movie does more than I enjoyed the movie in it’s own right. Once I got past the jarring transition from First Class’s end to Future Past’s beginning, I really liked the new direction it carved out for the series. I didn’t enjoy the McAvoy’s Xavier and Fassbender’s Magneto nearly as much as in First Class, a massive shame considering they were the best part about that movie. In fact, I can’t think of a single character I really liked. Perhaps that’s because the combination of old and young casts meant spreading screentime and character development just a little too thin between them. But you know where i think they really nailed it? Well, they brought back Wolverine because of course they did, but think about it. What does he actually do? Other than being the one to kick the young guys’ butts into changing the future, how does he actually help? He’s flipping useless throughout the whole movie, except to serve as that initial catalyst. And considering the usual role of Wolverine in these films as the be-all-end-all, it was a refreshing change.

Apparently the first personal stereo wasn't released until 1979. OH NO SCENE RUINED
Apparently the first personal stereo wasn’t released until 1979. OH NO SCENE RUINED

Favourite-scene-wise, it’s got to be Quicksilver’s little bullet-time curbstomp fight. No wonder they didn’t include him in the rest of the story. When you make a character that overpowered, you’re treading a razor-thin line as far as the writing is concerned. But it was nice for one scene. It’s the only one that really stands out for me, and I have a feeling I’ll forget most of the rest of the movie. I’m glad it exists, though, because of those possibilities it opens up for the future.

Heh. Time joke.

-Jesse (@BackBlogGuy)



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