You know what, TV is alright. Sometimes.

This weekend I finished two of the best shows I’ve ever seen. They’re pretty radically different from one another: one is Japanese, the other American. One stars a mad scientist, the other a furious scientist. One is funny with the occasional harrowing moment, the other is harrowing with the occasional funny moment. Well, until the funny moments disappear entirely.

Hands in lab coat pockets + Strike a pose = Science
Hands in lab coat pockets + Strike a pose = Science

I’m talking about Steins;Gate and Breaking Bad. Although I liked them for completely different reasons, they both left an undeniable impression on me. Although to be honest I wish I’d finished Breaking Bad first, since the impressions that Steins;Gate left me with were MUCH happier.

This is real. No really, THIS IS A REAL SHOW.
This is real. No really, THIS IS A REAL SHOW.

As such, most of this week’s articles will be about TV. Sturgeon’s law holds strong as ever and ninety percent of television is crap- in fact, ninety percent may be severely lowballing it. But, despite the horrendous sea of Reality TV sludge that’s still flooding the western side of the world and the mountains of Juvenile Asinine Pandering Anime Nonsense over in Nippon, there really are some gems to find. And when you consume media from a few different countries, you can end up with a lot of gems. I like my TV experience varied. I watch a lot of shows from America and Japan as well as those of a British persuasion, and I get a different kind of enjoyment out of each of them. There are probably a lot of great shows from other countries of which I’m completely ignorant! Still, I can’t exactly write about things I’m ignorant about, so this week will mainly be focused on different aspects of television in the three parts of the world I’m most familiar with.

There’s been quite a dearth in decent game releases over the past couple months. It’s just that time of year. I’ve been mainly playing Team Fortress 2 and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and the only new game I’ve played through is Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright.  Oh, and Threes, although you can’t really “play through” that. If you’re not aware, Threes is the game that the much more popular 2048 got its idea from. I’m perhaps being overly generous in phrasing it that way, but however you want to look at it, it’s hard not to feel bad about the guys that made Threes. It’s one of the only purchases I’ve made for the primary purpose of giving the creators just a bit more money. It’s a good thing that the game itself is so fun, but it’s a very casual, on-the-bus-passing-time kind of fun. This week, however, sees the release of a game that I was not overly aware of until a couple of weeks ago and yet cannot wait to play.

Mmm yes, give me that sweet music.
Mmm yes, give me that sweet music.

Transistor is the second game that has come out of Supergiant games. Their first game? Bastion. Bastion was one of the last games I finished before I went on my mission, and it was incredibly good. And the soundtrack… actually, hang on. Didn’t I own the soundtrack? WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT I NEED TO PUT IT ON MY IPOD RIGHT NOW.

BEFORE I DO THAT.  Transistor is available on Steam for preorder, along with its soundtrack. So I guess I’m getting that, and I’ll probably be writing more on it in the near future! Also, at this point I would say expect the Team Fortress 2 review early next week. Although, I would say that, wouldn’t I.



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