Music vs. Podcasts, Part 2

I don’t think I’ve ever discussed podcasts with another human being that listens to them. I know such people exist. Oftentimes they’re the kind of people who post on internet forums, and that’s where I get to have my podcast discussions. Come to think about it, I don’t know an awful lot of people who share my main interests. That, or I’m really bad at discovering common interests.

To that end, perhaps it’s best if I give a brief explanation of what a podcast actually is. You know those bits between radio shows where you hear a couple of people talking about a load of nonsense? It’s like that, but that’s the entire show. No music. Perhaps that’s not a good pitch. I can’t recall having the slightest interest in anything I’ve overheard on the radio, although when inane nonsense like “California Girls” was seemingly inescapable, it did provide some relief to hear some evidence that society had survived another round of culturecide. Yes, I’m well aware that a reference to “California Girls” is hopelessly dated. It’s been a while since I’ve been in the unfortunate position of having to listen to radio, thank goodness. Oops, getting sidetracked. Let me try this again.

Simply put, podcasts are recorded discussion shows. They can be about all kinds of subjects; Comedy, Computer Games, TV, Youtube, Politics, and so on. Some are short as a rule. Some can reach three and a half hours. I’ve never come across one that I needed to pay for, but who knows, they might be out there. For a while, though, I listened to one podcast only; the Giant Bombcast.

It’s not about terrorism, so let’s get that joke right the heck out of the way. Surprise, it’s about computer games. I think I started listening to it about four years ago. I can’t quite recall how I first heard of the Bombcast or Giant Bomb in general, that’s one of those annoying gaps in my memory. I do remember sticking one on and being a little lost. I can’t even tell these guys’ voices apart! Do they really talk for this long? Well, I guess it’ll be good for my walk to college!

It was a very slow burn. It was great to hear their opinions on the latest games and news, and yet it was slightly annoying whenever they veered off subject. But gradually that changed. I began to be less in it for an easy way to keep up with games, and more to just hear what they had to say about anything. They really grew on me, and soon enough I’d begun downloading and listening to the whole backlog. I got to hear these nerdy-yet talkative Americans talk about stuff I had a real interest in, and the best part was I could easily multitask. I could go out, exercise, and not worry about getting utterly bored. I could stick an episode on while playing a less focus-intensive game. It was one of the number one things I missed while I was away, and the prospect of another two years worth of Giant Bombcast was something I very much looked forward to. When I received news of the passing of Ryan Davis, one of the Giant Bomb crew, it really hit me.

How did I develop such an attachment to a show and all of the people involved? It’s hard to fully explain. To slow down my progress through my Bombcast backlog, I’ve branched out. I’m listening to a comedy advice show called My Brother, My Brother and Me. I’ve started with another popular gaming podcast called Idle Thumbs. I’m working through Restutalk, a podcast largely about Youtube. Mostly I’m still at the point where I can’t tell their voices apart, but nine times out of ten I would listen to them over music.

This is still a medium that I haven’t much explored, though. If you have any suggestions on what to listen to, put a link to it in the comments and I’ll check it out!


Here’s the link to part one, if you missed it.


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